The Confluence Bamboo Beveller

The Confluence Bamboo Beveller is a powerful yet compact machine designed to turn your rough split strips into a 60 degree triangle in a single pass. The beveller features a potent 1.5 horsepower 3450 RPM motor that allows the agressive cutters to easily cut through cane.

An adjustable bed with an easy to read dial allows you to make quick and accurate adjustments to the final dimension of your strips. The infeed and outfeed rollers are designed to acomodate any size strip, from the tip of a 2-weight to the butt of a spey rod. The rollers will keep your strips centered and firmly against the delrin strip slide.


Price: $1495 + Shipping, Handling and Insurance

To order your Confluence Bamboo Beveller please email the maker:

Confluence Bamboo Bevellers are custom made to order. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.


"Just finished beveling these dozen tip strips. The machine worked flawlessly! I was apprehensive because after I eliminated about ten percent of the culm to avoid leaf nodes, I ended up with only 4 extra strips, and no extras for my pairs of 4 and 5 strips. So it was kind of do or die if I was going to be able to preserve my stagger and the working length of all of my tip strips. But I got'r done! Thanks for the great machine!"

Jeff V. - Amarillo, TX