The "Big Creek" 7'6" - 4 weight

“The best bamboo rod I’ve ever cast.” “Smooooth.” “I didn’t know bamboo could do that!” These are comments often made by first time casters of the Big Creek. This 7’6” 4-weight exemplifies the Shamburg rod design philosophy. The first thing you’ll notice when you pick up the Big Creek is how well balanced it is. This is a fast action bamboo rod that casts so easily you’ll never want to put it down. At short distances this rod loads just the tip for quick snappy casts, but as you lengthen out the line, the flex progresses very predictably down the blank for a rod that performs superbly across the entire spectrum of fishable distances with no “dead spots.” This rod has the backbone to punch out a 60 foot cast with a hopper, but the delicacy to lay down a size 24 trico at 20’ without a splash. Best line match: Rio Trout LT WF4F