The "Fall Favorite" 11'9" - 7wt

The Fall Favorite is the most versatile spey rod of the bunch. It will handle Scandinavian style heads in the 420-450 grain range and Skagit heads up to 500 grains. The Fall Favorite will be your go-to rod for a host of conditions. Skating a dry fly accross a glassy tail out will be a pleasure with the Fall Favorite. It's smooth progressive taper will fire laser beam loops with a Scandi head. As the late fall days begin to shorten and the water cools, there is no need to put this rod away as the Fall Favorite has the reserve power down deep to launch a big Intruder and 10' of T14 with a Skagit head.


The best line matches for the Fall Favorite are:

Skagit: Airflo Skagit Switch 480 grain

Scandi: Rio Steelhead Scandi 450 grain