Evocative of an era long past, the Confluence S-Handle Reels are styled after the classic fly reels of Edward Vom Hofe. The Confluence S-Handle Reels are true "Bench-Made" reels. Each Confluence S-Handle Reel is machined entirely by hand to exceptionally tight tolerances. Painstaking attention to detail ensures that each Confluence S-Handle Reel is not only a beautiful work of art, but also a reliable reel that will provide the highest level of performance modern anglers have come to expect. Nothing on the Confluence S-Handle Reel is overlooked, not even the hand-made Nickel Silver Screws.


The Confluence S-Handle Reel Features:

- Aerospace grade Aluminum Rings separated by Nickel Silver Pillars

- One-piece Aerospace grade Aluminum Foot, Spool and S-Arm

- Nickel Silver Accents and Screws

- Black Delrin or Aerospace Grade Aluminum Face Plates

- Fixed tension Gear and Pawl check

- Handmade Leather Reel Pouch


The Confluence S-Handle Reel is currently offered only in a 3" Trout size and 3 3/4" through 4 1/4" Steelhead/Salmon sizes.


Trout S-Handle Reels

Salmon/Steelhead S-Handle Reels


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