Keep It Simple, Stupid - Otherwise known as the KISS Principle, is something held very closely in mind at the Confluence Rod Company. It was in the spirit of the KISS Principle the Confluence St. Mark Reel was designed. The St. Mark reels are simple, durable, and good looking reels. Classic, elegant aesthetics compliment the pure functionality of this reel. Like all Confluence Reels, the St. Mark is designed to provide a lifetime of dependable service with little maintenance.

The Confluence St. Mark Reels are true "Bench-Made" reels. Each St. Mark Reel is machined entirely by hand to exceptionally tight tolerances. Painstaking attention to detail ensures that each St. Mark Reel is not only a beautiful work of art, but also a reliable reel that will provide the highest level of performance modern anglers have come to expect.


The Confluence St. Mark Reel Features:

- Aerospace grade Aluminum Frame and Spool

- Ribbed Brass Foot

- Matching Brass Accents and Screws

- Wide Drum Spool

- Fixed tension Gear and Pawl check

- Handmade Leather Reel Pouch


The Confluence St. Mark Reel is currently offered only in a 3 3/4" Wide Drum Salmon sized reel.


St. Mark 3 3/4" Wide Drum Salmon Reel