All Confluence rods are designed and built to be fished hard. The Confluence Bamboo Spey rods are no exception. That is why very careful attention is given to designing tapers and building rods that are well balanced and as lightweight as possible. At 12' and under, Confluence Bamboo Spey Rods are designed to match well with the modern compact shooting-head style spey lines available today. However, the ballanced tapers of these rods will still allow an angler to enjoy fishing traditional style lines as well.

Confluence Bamboo Spey Rods use spliced joint ferrules to ensure smooth transfer of power from one section to the next, without the risk of breakage associated with tradional metal ferrules. Confluence Bamboo Spey Rods are also hollow built to reduce weight and improve rod recovery. By designing tapers and using hollowing techniques that compliment one another, rods can be built that push the limits of bamboo spey rod performance. Confluence Bamboo Spey Rods are hollowed all the way through the tip and feature progressive tapers to produce rods that are light in the tip and well ballanced for enjoyable fishing all day.

Each Confluence Bamboo Spey Rod is custom built to order. All rods are in three pieces and include a matching spare tip section. These rods also feature Agate stripping guides, Hard Chrome or Blackened Snake guides with silk wraps, finished in a durable dipped marine spar varnish or hand rubbed oil finish. All rods come with a hand-sewn cloth rod sock and Aluminum rod-tube.

Three Piece, 2 Tip Bamboo Spey Rods - $2300

While a small number of standard rod tapers are offered below, Mark truly enjoys working with anglers to bring their vision of the perfect bamboo spey rod to life. If you are considering ordering a rod, it is highly encouraged you call Mark and have a conversation about your fishing and the build you have in mind.

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8 weight

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